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Fifty Years Ago…

On Thursday, April 4, 1968, the nation was embroiled in war, social change, and shifting paradigms.

Martin Luther King was shot and killed.

It was a Thursday that many will never forget.

Thirteen year old Donald Brooks Jones and his family relocated from an interracial Chicago suburb to a racially-polarized Memphis, Tennessee, only three months after the assassination of Dr. King.

Within this intimate memoir, Jones shares the story of his high school years; times filled with politics and protest, broadening horizons and critical self-awareness.

Little Did I Know is one black boomers story.

It represents one small and intimate chapter within the broader narrative of baby boomers coming of age during this seminal period in American history.

`` I just finished your book; “Little Did I Know”. I loved it. You really captured the tenor of the times and the feeling of the place. Your vivid imagery and detailed descriptions capture the atmosphere of Memphis during that era; both the steamy heat and the racial tension...Thank you for making a very real historical contribution. ``
Rodney K. Strong, Esq.
Griffin & Strong, P.C.

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About the Author

“The experiences that serve as the foundation for this book have shaped and informed my world view. However, make no mistake, my story is uniquely American.

Only in America, could issues of politics, social change, race, and culture intersect and define a generation. As baby boomers came of age during this period of protest and change, we took our place in the line of Americans who have sought to make our world a better place, while figuring out our place in it.”  ~ dbj

Don is an Atlanta-based entrepreneur and author. His ventures have been featured on platforms that include CNN and Black Enterprise. He attended Brown University, Georgia State University, and Florida State University College of Law. 

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