Let’s Turn Your Manuscript into the Book of Your Dreams

Publishing & Editing

Share Your Publishing Intentions Through Our Series of Targeted Interviews

Whether you want to help others through the publication of your book, memorialize your story for your family’s legacy, or any reason in between—we’ll help you determine what’s important and work with you to make it happen.

This includes an examination of physical, ePub, and audio publications.

The Editing and Proofreading Process is Critical to the Ultimate Appeal and Readability of Your Book

Does your manuscript need a professional polish? Yes, it does, and fortunately that’s what we do.

Then we will examine the various aspects of book design—from the form of the interior block to the cover design.

Do you think that your work might be enhanced by illustrations? Our creative team would be glad to produce custom illustrations for your project.

Get Your Story in Your Audience's Hands

How you promote your work is your decision to make, though we are happy to offer our advice as your project nears completion. The first step is undoubtedly a unique web presence. We can assist with that, too.