Lissen Here!


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Coffee Table Portfolio Edition

In 1976-77, historian and writer, Dorothy Mallory Jones, embarked on a project that soon became a mission. She drove the back roads of middle and south Georgia over the course of several months. Armed with a tape recorder and a photographer, she interviewed ordinary Black folks – on the porches of their homes or in the fields as they worked – documenting their cares, their ambitions, their lives. This field work culminated in a program for Public Television, THE TROUBLE I’VE SEEN.

From that experience, she was inspired to write a series of poems. At the time the unpublished poems were titled BASIC BLACK – her reflection on the universal Black experience in America.

Twenty years later, her son, digital artist and scholar, Philip Mallory Jones, combined the poetry with photographs and other media to form beautifully distinctive image compositions. And now, forty years after the original inspiration, Alchemy Media Publishing has published their collaboration as a coffee-table portfolio, LISSEN HERE!.



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